Survive or Thrive?

Survive or Thrive?

This topic has been coming up in my mind for a few days now,
so I decided to make this video to explore it with you:

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It seems that we are a lot more interested in “surviving” than “thriving”

… once the “danger” is gone, we tend to get comfortable and let things fall back to their old place…

Once we run away from the things that are uncomfortable,

- like a bad job

- not having money to pay our bills

- loneliness etc.,

we don’t know what to do to stay excited about our new achievements and move toward true abundance.

Dave Wood just recorded a video about how to keep the good stuff going
and keep moving towards what truly makes us happy.

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You will find this video and a lot of other amazing videos and audios that will help you
to take charge of your life and move from survival mode to true abundance!


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