More about Empower Network

We Do More Than “Donate to Charity”,

We Empower Our Community.


Our Mission is Simple


The word “empower” means to give ability to; enable or permit. This is a key element to
Empower Network’s mission, dedicated to empowering as many people as possible through the
network, training, products, support, opportunities and the honest and authentic message
of hope and freedom that Empower Network offers.

Founded on the idea that individuals can build businesses and have personal lives at the
same time, Empower Network believes that individuals can use the struggles, hardships
and experiences they’ve had in life and turn them into their most empowering assets.

Since Empower Network’s founding in 2011, the company has enabled more than 200,000 people
to launch their dreams. People who have struggled for years in business are having success
with the help of the opportunities Empower Network provides. Customers searching for simple
and honest marketing systems and training programs are having breakthroughs and getting
results with Empower Network’s products. Most importantly, Empower Network’s members are
finding purpose in business and life through attending our events and interacting with
the Empower Network community and leadership.

The Only Thing Missing is YOU!



Let us Empower you…

… and help you Empower the world.


Jon Mroz After seeing so many of my teammates struggle with all the “tech-stuff’ (website creation, design, html, capture pages, merchants, domains etc), I decided to join Empower Network as an “all-in-one” solution. Not only did Empower Network totally exceed my expectations in resolving EVERY tech issue with their world-class products, and blogging platform, but it got my team out of struggle, and into profit, all the while personally enabling me to earn over $900,000.00 within my first 18 months. To say the least, Empower Network started as a simple tool to enhance my business, and now it IS my business.

Hugo Boarotto II If You could get it post in portuguese it would be great. This system made me so far around 25.000 dolars, never made a dime online, so in a Year for a person who didn’t know nothing about blogging, it is great !!! I’ m from Portugal and even with language issue I could do it … Thanks for your help and support 

Dan Palleschi I’ve made over $20K with Empower Network 100% passively in my spare time without making any phone calls; no meetings, no 3 way calls, no silly MLM mumbo jumbo…Better yet I’ve used the strategies taught within the Empower Network products to build and automate multiple other business ventures which is why I bought the EN products to begin with.

Ed Perez After struggling in MLM for about 1 year I decided to learn how to build my business online before spending any more money in products that I wasn’t able to sell. The more I learned about marketing, the more Empower made sense to me. I started with nothing: no list, no experience, no idea how to get leads. In 3 months I was generating up to 50 leads daily from free strategies. Then I started to make sales… $25, $100, $500, $1,600. After 7 months I had my first $3,000 day and it keeps growing. It’s just a matter of being consistent until you see the initial results. Follow the proven formula that so many successful leaders have applied to their business and you’ll see magic happen!

Susan Aceron Gray I started back in February and loved all the info and got a full time marketing job because of the skills I learned here. I can only devote a few hrs a week maybe 5 hrs or so and I’ve managed to make just over $4000 not bad, now my 15 year old is taking over and I know he will do better than me J

Nicky Price I am a busy Mum of two with a part time job and at the time, I was still with an MLM – I joined Empower ONLY to use it as a tool for my team members who wanted a blog and had no intention of promoting it separately. Within my first 9 weeks I had made more with Empower than I had made all year with my MLM. Within 8 months I had my first $4,825 WEEK from applying the training (which is like nothing I’ve seen anywhere before). Empower builds PEOPLE and I have found my home, and it all started with a simple blog that I can recommend to anyone.

Jana Pierce Listen, I have a $100,000 degree in advertising. I never learned any of this information from a classroom! The products from Empower Network are WORTH MORE than the price of my degree for only a FRACTION of the cost. Buying this product is the best investment you will ever make in your business, ANY business, period!



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