College Education… Is it worth it?

“How would you invest 4 years of your life if your life depended on it?”

Jullien Gordon asked this brilliant question in his TEDx talk
when he explored how to make most out of your college education.

“Students are not getting the return on education investments that they did
just 1 decade ago. 
Jullien Gordon helps this new generation realize
their full potential by identifying four type 
of capital that blend work in harmony.”

He calls it the 4.0 that really matters:

1. Personal capital i.e. how well you know yourself:

Your strength, purpose, passion, skills, entrepreneurial spirit, problem solving ability, etc.

2. Intellectual capital:

Expertise in one or two subjects

3. Social Capital:

Who you know, who knows you (mentors, teachers, etc.)

4. Financial Capital:

Who knows that you know what you know = cash flow

He also suggest that you find out the reason that you want to go to college!

Is it money?
Only 25% of graduate students can get jobs in their field of study.

Is it learning?
You can learn just about anything on the internet for free or much less
than what you would pay for learning it in college.

I considered getting a bachelors degree in internet marketing,
then somebody suggested to me to check out Empower Network.

He got a Master’s Degree in Internet Marketing from the university that
I was looking at and here is how he compared the two:

“If you want to learn how to MAKE MONEY then Empower Network is the way to go.

If you want to be able to think strategically, be organized, get that piece of paper,
and plan, go with Full Sail University.

If you find that you want the Full Sail, education, you can get it any time
but let the income from Empower pay for it.

I won’t discourage you from the degree…I’m very pleased I spent the time and the money.
But if I had to pick one over the other, I’d go Empower all the way.” – Aaron H.

I’m glad that I choose to get my education from Empower Network.
My tuition was the fraction of the cost that Full Sail University
would have cost me and earned over $24,000 in my first six months
while still constantly learning new internet marketing skills.

In this day and age you cannot ignore the power of the internet.
You can use it for learning and making money at the same time.

You can get started with Empower Network for as little as $25 per month
and get 5 bonus training videos from top notch internet marketers who already
made over a million dollars using the same tools that they will teach you.

Click the link below and start EARNING while you are LEARNING!




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