Behind the Scenes: Freedom Artist – Justin Verrengia

I met this amazing man, Justin Verrengia at the Empower Network FREEDOM event
in Miami last weekend!

Here are some quotes from his video:

“People often make fun of me, call me weird or a nerd for meditating or being a vegetarian.”

“I aways had a passion for sharing hidden knowledge that awakens people mentally

“I’m on a mission to help you awaken your third eye and I will continue
to be a child at heart 
because that’s what keeps life interesting”

“I achieved this vision of freedom for all humanity”

“Our FREEDOM community provides us with a platform to share our vision”

My dream is to travel the world and help out at the orphanage in Bali
that I’ve been supporting for the past 3 years.

Do you have a dream?

Do you have a vision for humanity?

Join our freedom movement and lock arms with our fellow
Freedompreneurs :-)

Click on my photo with Justin below to learn more:


On my next blog I will post another video of Justin talking about the Pineal Gland.

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