Amazing connection with the help of a blog!

Most of you probably remember the blog that I posted
about Logan LaPlante’s TEDx speech:

What if we made education about how to be Healthy and Happy?

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 4.20.44 PM

That blog got over a hundred comments and my readers
were asking some great questions:

“What are we going to do about it?” 

“Where can we find such schools?”

“How can we get started?”

So in the comments I shared my dream about building an alternative school
at an orphanage in Bali that I’ve been supporting the 3 years.

Ali Mackenzie found out about the blog from her friend and posted this comment: 

“I am currently fundraising for Bali orphanages and will be up there in January…
would love to visit the orphanage you support if you are able to share details? 
All the best with your fantastic work, take care, Ali”


Long story short, we exchanged a few emails and I got her in touch with Didi,
the lady 
who runs the orphanage.

Last months she traveled to Bali and visited the orphanage!

Just last week she send me some photos with the kids,
which I was so happy to receive!

Here are just a few: 

If this story inspired you, please share it with your friends! :-)

Thank you Ali for sending me these great photos!

I will share them with the volunteers and the high school children
who have been helping me to make and sell jewelry to raise funds 
to support these amazing children!

In a couple of months I’ll be visiting the orphanage myself and will
bring more donations :-)  

Sharing my dreams and my visions through blogging helped 
me to connect with a group of amazing people!

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